Hi, I'm Dany. I enjoy designing and collaborating on building product experiences.

Selected Projects

A bit about me


I've been in love with design since I got my hands on my first computer making websites on Xanga and GeoCities. Remember those? The web has changed a lot since then (thank goodness). I graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelors in Visual Communication Design and worked with a few startups after college. Since then, I've been helping companies design digital products and services from healthcare software, e-commerce, online services to mobile apps for nearly seven years.

What do I believe in?

I believe understanding how things work inside and out or at least how the pieces fit together is crucial. Doing the right thing and doing what works is what I learned during my time at Pivotal Labs. Cross-team collaboration helps build a better product because you're sharing knowledge and leveraging everyone's skill sets. It's what makes what I do fun and awesome.

I also believe it's not always about how something looks, but how it feels that's memorable. A hidden connection is stronger than an obvious one and I keep this in mind when designing.

Dabbling and learning new things is another passion of mine. I self taught myself front-end coding to have a better understanding of how static design gets translated into code and brought to life with the added functionality of transitions and animations. Reading, learning and doing new things not only broadens our skills, but enriches the work we do.

That work-life balance

When I'm not obsessing over details and micro interactions, I'll most likely be at a coffee shop people watching, walking around the city, catching up with friends over brunch, hiking or hunting for a great craft cocktail. Happy hours also make me very happy, but I feel like it's a given for everyone.

Oh and of course, video breaks that involve cuteness overload are the best.

I also recently went on a four month solo backpacking trip to SE Asia that's been a life altering experience. Now I'm back looking to work on meaningful products that'll improve people's lives. What can we build together?