9th Decimal

LCI Dashboard


Ninth Decimal is a mobile audience intelligence company empowering marketers with a better understanding of people by connecting their digital and physical lives. One of their offerings is the Location Conversion Index (LCI) platform. LCI measures consumers’ physical world behavior at the point of sale, such as incremental lift in store visits directly attributed to a campaign.

The client wanted a redesign for their platform in addition to adding a few new features.


  • Visual Designs
  • Paired with another designer

Winter 2014


I joined the team towards the end of the engagement to help with visual designs. The designer on this project had done an amazing job with research and intial wireframes. She ramped me up within a few days and we paired for the rest of the project to provide the client with a few visual themes to choose from. Together we iterated on wireframes before exploring different visual design directions.


Visual Designs

We explored a few different themes that represented a hip, insightful and real-world feel. The dashboard was going to be white labeled so we kept this in mind when making design decisions. It had to be customizable, flexible and scalable as the service grew. We worked with developers to leverage the benefits of Sass and CSS properties such as lighten and darken so buttons and links can easily adapt with main color changes.

Bold Theme
Open Theme
Mix Theme
Open Theme
Clean Theme
Final Design